Our Founder and Executive director

Leucas Miller


He moved from California to Birmingham in 2015 for a PhD program in Biology at UAB. He found his practice at Birmingham Yoga shortly after moving here and has found ongoing healing within the Ashtanga and Kundalini traditions. His practice was an essential tool for self healing and empowerment as Leucas began his medical transition in Birmingham. Wanting to give these tools of healing back to his communities, Leucas has devoted himself to his personal practice and to teaching. The truth that Leucas has found in his practice has led him to building this non-profit and graduating from the 200hr Birmingham Yoga Teacher Training program with Akasha Ellis in 2018.

Leucas is an advocate for social justice and equity and believes that yoga can be a powerful tool for social change. He strives to make his classes welcoming to all identities and ability levels and focuses on creating spaces where we can all feel celebrated and valued. When Leucas gets some time away from his work he enjoys traveling, scuba diving, surfing, sketching and cuddling his cat but not always in that order:) 

Kym Brown.jpg


Kym Brown


As someone who has struggled with generalized anxiety disorder for much of my life, I have always searched for peace and stillness of the mind. In 2007 I decided to try yoga. To my amazement, I found relief in a calming practice that allowed my mind to flourish and my body to grow in strength. Yoga has allowed me to cultivate and explore the connection between mind and body. After years of personal practice, I was moved to deepen my knowledge and share yoga with others. I graduated from teacher training with HereNowYoga under the instruction of Kim Drye and Becca Impello in 2017. I have continued my education into 2018 to include certification in the practice of chair yoga.

My style focuses on gentle and restorative movements that encourage flexibility and relaxation. Utilizing props to promote alignment and accessibility to all abilities and levels of fitness. I believe there is no greater gift than compassion, the compassion we extend to others and reflect on to ourselves. My goal is to create a safe environment for people to explore the body’s potential and reconnect with stillness that exists in the mind.  In my spare time I love to travel, read, write poetry, and sing.

Sydney YU Bio 2.jpg


Sydney Allen


Practicing yoga has been a driving force of positivity in my life. Yoga has allowed me to find physical, mental, and spiritual healing. In the past, my tendency to push myself too hard led me to frustration when my body wouldn’t meet me where I wanted it. My practice continues to show me that it should be the other way around. I should be meeting my body wherever it is. Some days, getting into half lotus is impossible because of tight/sore muscles. Other days, I can do it just fine and both realities are beautiful and accepted! All of these lessons on the mat trickle into daily life and allow me to be more at peace when things fall apart as they inevitably will at times. Yoga helped me appreciate all the things I am capable of and accept the things I cannot change. I desire to help others find the physical, mental, and spiritual healing that they need. To hold space for people to do this kind of work is my life’s mission and the next step on my journey is to take the magic of yoga and share it with others.


Board Chair

Kaden Ford


Born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Moved to Birmingham, AL in 2011. Graduated from UAB with a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences in 2017.

Bham was the city where I first felt seen, validated, and supported as a transman. Gratitude to this awesome community of beautiful people, I am here for you in any way I can be.