Sponsors and Partners

Yoga Unbound is lucky to have sponsors who have supported us in our mission and partners who share our same vision. Because of our sponsors and partners we are better able to serve our communities and share the healing practices of yoga with more people.


MAgic City Acceptance Center

Yoga Unbound is honored to partner with the Magic City Acceptance Center (MCAC). Through this partnership we offer a monthly yoga program to youth ages 13-24 at the center! MCAC provides a safe, supportive and affirming space for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ) youth ages 13-24, adults, and children in Birmingham and surrounding areas. To learn more about their programs check them out on facebook.



Radial Wear

Radial Shorts are the first all-genders yoga shorts, with an innovative design allowing full-circle movement. Made locally using organic materials. 100% of profits donated to Yoga Unbound. We are so Grateful to this company for all the ways they support Yoga Unbound and for sharing in our mission. Support us by buying a pair of these ultimate comfort shorts here.

Radial Shorts combine the ergonomic proportions of climbing shorts with a streamlined design and fabric that is perfect for yoga. The gusseted crotch panel is designed to move as the body moves, allowing full circle movement without lifting the inseam and compromising privacy. This innovative design also reduces tension on the seams, resulting in a more durable product. 

Radial Shorts are constructed using a sustainable, organic cotton/hemp blend jersey for the body, with 3% lycra added for just the right amount of stretch; and a soft soy-fiber French terry lining in the waistband, gusset, and pockets.

Birmingham Yoga

Yoga Unbound is proud to partner with Birmingham Yoga! Birmingham Yoga is the home of our Studio Study Scholarship program where Yoga Unbound students can deepen their practice in a studio with knowledgable, loving and experienced yoga teachers. The mission at Birmingham Yoga is to support, nurture, and strengthen the Birmingham, Alabama yoga community through yoga teacher training opportunities, multi-level workshops, studio classes, networking with the surrounding community, and serving as a source of information for students. Birmingham Yoga is located at 603 37th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35222. Please check out their schedule and try some of their classes for a heart centered experience.


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Sacred glow yoga

Yoga Unbound is honored to partner with Sacred Glow Yoga. Through this partnership we fully fund one Yoga Unbound student every year to undergo a 200 hour yoga teacher training program through Sacred Glow!

Sacred Glow is taught by Melissa Scott and Jasper Elliott. It's a nine-month, one weekend per month training focused on authenticity, accessibility, and social justice. We focus on finding your unique voice as a teacher to serve the populations you're passionate about. Grounded in ancient yoga philosophy and cutting-edge anatomy knowledge, our training will empower you to teach life-changing yoga to anyone. To learn more or contact these instructors please check out their website.