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Sydney Allen


Practicing yoga has been a driving force of positivity in my life. Yoga has allowed me to find physical, mental, and spiritual healing. In the past, my tendency to push myself too hard led me to frustration when my body wouldn’t meet me where I wanted it. My practice continues to show me that it should be the other way around. I should be meeting my body wherever it is. Some days, getting into half lotus is impossible because of tight/sore muscles. Other days, I can do it just fine and both realities are beautiful and accepted! All of these lessons on the mat trickle into daily life and allow me to be more at peace when things fall apart as they inevitably will at times. Yoga helped me appreciate all the things I am capable of and accept the things I cannot change. I desire to help others find the physical, mental, and spiritual healing that they need. To hold space for people to do this kind of work is my life’s mission and the next step on my journey is to take the magic of yoga and share it with others.