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Yoga Unbound thrives on community partnerships and collaborations. Let us know if you want to partner on offering yoga class programs through your business or organization.

We also want to help Yoga Teachers reach the communities they are passionate about serving. Please reach out if you have any interest in diversifying our yoga communities. Our goal is to bring ALL marginalized communities to the center of our yoga community's focal point. We want to give you a platform to teach from so that we can work together on making sure that yoga really is inclusive of everyone!

We are also seeking sponsors so that we can all grow together. Please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring Yoga Unbound and we will find ways that we can support one another.

If you want to be involved for any other reason also please reach out! We appreciate everyone who wants to support Yoga Unbound and acknowledge that our service would not be possible without all of our supporters.


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