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About Us

The mission of this organization is to remove the barriers between marginalized communities and their access to yoga. We strongly focus on those barriers that the queer and trans community faces but we believe that when a space becomes safe for queer and trans folks that it becomes a space that is inclusive of all. Our intention is to create spaces where all bodies feel accepted, validated and can simply exist; unbound by the limitations that this society places on our identities. We offer free and sliding scale yoga classes of various styles with experienced yoga teachers who represent the communities they are teaching and who have undergone training in LGBTQ+ especially Transgender Cultural Competency. Please check out our schedule for upcoming yoga classes held at various locations in Birmingham AL.


501(c)3 Tax exempt status approved


"The more people get plugged back into their bodies, the more impossible [it] will be for us to be dominated and occupied." - Eve Ensler


Leucas Miller founded this organization in Birmingham Alabama in 2017 when he realized he wanted to bring the healing he found in his yoga practice to others. As a queer trans man of color there comes a lot of mental and emotional disconnection from the body in addition to community trauma to heal from. Committing to a daily yoga practice with the intention of tuning in to his body and leading a life of health and wellness has been one of most empowering and healing experiences for Leucas.  Leucas has gained many tools through practicing yoga that he takes off the mat into his daily life that allows him to live a healthier and more peaceful life and he wants to share these tools with his communities.

It is our hope that the collective healing in our yoga spaces will also allow us to embody social change. As we become awake to our felt senses and acknowledge our emotional, physical and cognitive sensations we give ourselves the ability to address where we need healing and where we can put our attention to begin this healing. As we become less separated within our own mind, body and soul we can become less separated from one another, we can come together in our communities with a strong sense of how to empower and heal one another.